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Hi! My name is Haleigh Cox and I am 5 years old. I was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome at the age of 2. My Momma says that it just means that I have seizures that are not controlled by medication. Believe me, we have tried tons of medication and I was still having 200+ seizures a day. We have tried cord blood reinfusion, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and vagal nerve stimulation but nothing has been able to help my horrible seizures. January 10, 2014 I got very sick. My momma said I was so asleep that I wouldn't take a breath. My momma and dadda had to help me breathe while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. My momma and dadda were very scared. This would not be the end of their nightmare, but just the beginning. I had to stay in the pediatric Intensive care unit for 2 months, where I would continue to quit breathing multiple times a day. When I would wake up, my momma was always right next to me holding my hand and crying. Momma said some friends got her in touch with Jason when they heard we were going to move to Colorado to get me on cannabis oil. He was always available to help answer her questions and put her heart at ease about the move. I went home on a machine that would help me breathe because I still continued to quit breathing. Momma and Dadda were told I may not make it much longer. They said I probably wouldn't be able to see my 5th birthday which was 4 months away.


‚ÄčOn March 14th my momma and I got on a plane to Colorado. I left all my friends and family behind, including my dadda. We have been in Colorado for 1 year and my seizures have gone from 200plus a day to 10 on a bad day. I LOVE to smile. I have been able to look into my momma and dadda's eyes and smile when they smile at me. I have started saying "Momma" and "night night" and I have been able to show when I am happy or sad. I have been taking so many bug steps forward in therapies. My momma says that I haven't been able to hold onto something long enough because the seizures would just wipe them away. Now I learn something and can continue to build on what I learned instead of having to start all over. I am no longer on the breathing machine. It is sitting in the corner of my room collecting dust! I have been able to get off of 2 of my many seizure medications and my seizures have gotten so much better. Now I am only having 2-5 seizures a day and have even had 28 seizure free days since we've been here. And guess what....I saw my 5th birthday. I was able to celebrate with my momma and dadda, the 2 people who have never and will never give up on me. Next Story >

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